Oak Staves, Chips, and Powder – Free Samples!

Oak Samples

I just received this very impressive sample kit from the Oak Solutions Group. There’s a lot to experiment with: different types of oak, in different forms, with different levels of toast. I hope to be trying it all out, and writing about it, over the next year. To get one for yourself, follow this link, fill out the form, and select which samples you would like. They ask what company you work for and your title, but I just wrote in “Home Wine Maker.”

Time to experiment!

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4 thoughts on “Oak Staves, Chips, and Powder – Free Samples!

  1. John

    I just got mine while I was out of state. They really send quite a bit of stuff, don’t they? Thanks again, Erroll!

  2. Chris

    I was filling the form out and they ask BW# or Tax ID,

    what exactly are they looking for (social security #)
    since i am a homebrewer
    Thanks for this post


  3. Erroll Post author

    Hi Chris,

    It’s been a while since I filled out the form, but can’t imagine that would have given them my social security number. Maybe they asked and I just left it blank or maybe it’s new. I do remember that I filled out the form honestly (didn’t invent a business name or a title – might have said I was a hobbyist or home winemaker) and they sent me the samples.


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