Rhubarb Wine Recipe: First Racking

By 1/30/08, the specific gravity (SG) of my rhubarb wine had dropped to 1.000, and that means fermentation is finished or nearly finished. So, ten days after I pitched the yeast, I racked into a 1-gallon jug, two wine bottles, and an 8-oz (about 240 ml) coke bottle. When you’re working with small volumes like this, it pays to have a variety of small containers handy. I got caught short three months ago, and learned my lesson. So, in addition to the wine bottles and the coke bottle, I had some 16 oz (not quite 500 ml) and 20 oz (almost 600 ml) bottles ready.

It’s an opaque golden color and a little fizzy right now. In time it will clear and become still. The SG will drop a little and some yeast will settle out. At that point, I’ll test the acidity, make any needed adjustments, and rack again.

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