I Started Harvesting Grapes

Dark purple grapes, still on stems, set inside a bowl.

The incursion into my bonsai vineyard on Wednesday knocked some grapes to the ground. I gathered these up, ate some, discarded some, and froze the rest. This was the official, if unintentional, start to my grape harvest and it totaled 3 oz (100 g) of Leon Millot. At that point, I decided to bring in the Siegerrebe and the Price. They’re both early ripeners and they seemed ripe when I tasted them. I hand destemmed, lightly washed and froze the grapes. So in addition to my Leon, I’ve got:

11.5 oz (375 g) of Siegerrebe from 1 vine
17 oz (500 g) of Price from 2 vines (I have three, but one didn’t bear this year)

After harvesting three of the eight vines that will bear this year, I have 9.5 oz (290 g) per vine. If that’s the yield I get for the Leon Millot and the Pinot Noir, then I’ll get 4.75 lb (2.3 kg) total this year. Um, that’s a bit less than the 20 lb (9 kg) I wanted!

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