Wine Recipe Wizard

Use this wizard to to make your own wine recipe. Just specify the volume, specific gravity, and (optionally) titratable acidity of your juice. Then tell the wizard what you would like the specific gravity and titratable acidity to be. When you hit the submit button, the wizard will suggest additions of water, sugar syrup, and/or acid.



Specify the initial volume of juice and it’s specific gravity. If you know the titratable acidity of the juice, enter that as well. Note that if you don’t enter the juice TA, then you can’t enter the desired TA of the must because the wizard won’t be able to figure out how to get there from here. How can it if it doesn’t know where “here” is? Next enter the desired specific gravity of the must and, optionally, the desired TA. Remember, if you left the juice TA blank, then you have to leave the desired TA blank.

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4 thoughts on “Wine Recipe Wizard

  1. Tony Camasso

    I really like your blog and all the info contained within, but I’m not terribly savvy with computers and would like to sign up for your blog. How do I go about getting signed up for it? Keep up the great work.
    Thank you,
    Anthony (Tony) Camasso

  2. Erroll Post author

    Thank you for the kind words Tony,

    You can click here to subscribe to my blog posts:

    This is a feed and every post will show up in your feed reader (it might be your browser through something like Firefox’s live bookmark feature, a web based service like google reader, or a stand alone program like Feed Demon). You can learn more about feeds and feed readers here:

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    Does that help?

  3. John Hance

    Just for edification of anyone looking for a decent reader, I use with no issues whatsoever. I love it! There are perhaps hundreds of methods, though, to feed on rss. is another one similar to igoogle… Hope that helps your readers, Erroll!

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