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I’ve been posting to twitter – I still can’t bring myself to say “tweeting” – for about a year now, and here are some of my favorites:

October 24, 2010: You are 90 percent more likely to buy red wine if you buy onions & more the wine industry has learned about you:

October 13, 2010: Want to make beer in a coffeemaker with Vegemite and raisin bran? Me neither, but it’s fun to read about!

August 18, 2010: Were wine bottling just invented, would we “stop up the end with chunks of Portuguese tree bark?” The case for screwcaps:

August 14, 2010: A home winemaker from a little town in Pennsylvania became an international champion with plans to go pro:

May 12, 2010: What’s really going on with sulfites? Here’s a great article on sulfites, histamines, allergies and wine:

March 17, 2010: Winemakers use hydrometers to measure sugar content. Works well for wine grapes, can be way off in other fruit:

I think my twitter experiment is going well. I’ve been able to share a lot more information than with my blog alone. You can click here to follow me on twitter.

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