Honey Prices Rise In 2010’s First Half

It got a little more expensive to make mead this year as honey prices rose about 5.5%. All the prices I track were higher in the first half of 2010, with Dutch Gold Clover posting the smallest increase (2.8%) and Costco Clover surging the most (9.3%). Maple syrup and sugar are both down a little (though I only have one source for them right now), and malt extract has been flat.

In the table below, I show the honey prices I track and how they changed from the beginning to the middle of the year.

Source and Type January ($/lb) July ($/lb) % Change
Costco Clover 1.83 2.00 +9.3%
Miller’s Honey Clover 1.73 1.87 +8.1%
Miller’s Honey Wildflower 1.43 1.50 +4.9%
Miller’s Honey Organic 1.83 1.90 +3.8%
Dutch Gold Clover 1.80 1.85 +2.8%
Dutch Gold Wildflower 1.71 1.81 +5.8%
Dutch Gold Organic 1.80 1.87 +3.9%

Where can you get the best deal on honey?

The packers offer slightly better prices on clover honey than Costco, but to get those prices you have to buy in 60 lb buckets and pay shipping. Costco lets you buy in smaller 6 lb jugs and avoid shipping charges by visiting their retail locations. The best price around is still Miller’s wildflower – a high quality honey at a great price. It’s also available as a pair of 3 lb jugs from Amazon, but at $3.42/lb this is a much more expensive option. It’s eligible for free shipping though, so if you don’t have access to an affordable local source like Costco, you don’t want to buy in 60 lb lots, and/or shipping for those heavy buckets would eat up any savings, then it might make sense for you.

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3 thoughts on “Honey Prices Rise In 2010’s First Half

  1. Captvid1

    In the northeast there is a grocery store named Wegman’s. They have 5 lb jugs of honey for $10.99 each netting a price of $2.20/lb.

  2. Erroll Post author

    Thanks Captvid1,

    That’s cheaper than I’ve seen in any other grocery store (though Costco is still a little cheaper).


  3. Jason Holoway

    I am a beekeeper in Michigan. When buying honey you should buy local. The honey in most markets come from all over the world. CostCO for instance is from U.S.A. ARGENTINA CANADA BRAZIL AND MEXICO All blended and processed. The honey is also heated and looses alot af flavor. If you use local honey you will benifit from helping a local beekeeper, a much tastier product, and local honey can also help fight allergies( you are ingesting local pollens). It is a little more expensive at $4.00 a lb but worth every penny. Also honey from other countrys is not inspected by the FDA and can have strange antibiotics used one the bees. Buy local save a local. I drive a Ford. I am a American.

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