Lost Series Finale

I’ve watched Lost since it premiered, and I wanted to commemorate the last episode. There are any number of ways to do that, but for me it starts with the food. And the wine.

Remember when Sawyer was held at the Hydra station? Remember the fish biscuits? I’m not sure what a fish biscuit is, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to eat one. The Lady of the House makes Tuna Burgers. Great comfort food, they’re not really burgers but they’re served hot on homemade hamburger buns. They’re easy to make, and we love them. I’ve renamed them “Fish Biscuits!”

And the wine? Here I have a dilemma. I want something I really like – my simple mead recipe turned out great (took really well to oak – is aging beautifully) and I think it would go well with the fish biscuits. I’d also like a wine with a Dharma label, and that would be my wine from supermarket grapes. Unfortunately the label is the best thing about that wine. I could relabel one bottle of the mead, and I might do that. I could “have my wine and drink it too” by opening both bottles. Probably not. Maybe we’ll open the mead, and the Dharma wine will just show up for a photo op with the fish biscuits.

So I haven’t nailed down all the details, but we’ll have good food, good mead, and watch the finale of Lost. It’ll be fun!

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