Freezing Wine: It really works!

Back in March, I wrote about freezing wine: that it can preserve an open bottle and even improve it. It was something I had to see to believe, and I did. I froze a half-full bottle of red wine for over a month, thawed it out, shook it up (that’s one of the steps!), and tasted it. Since I didn’t have the original unfrozen wine to do a side by side comparison with, I can’t say for sure if it improved. I’m certain that it did no harm, and the Lady of the House thinks it did improve.

So if, for whatever reason, you’ve got some wine that you can’t finish for a while, put the cork back in and freeze it. It will survive in fine shape and, who knows, might even improve.

Update 1/16/2010 – Luc Volders tried this too

He also reports an improvement after freezing wine.

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