Washington Winemaker Does Photography!

A 5-gallon carboy of wildflower mead flanked by two 1-gallon jugs. The light red jug on the left is raspberry mead, and the dark red one on the right is raspberry wine.

I’ve been trying show my wine and mead in a better light. The above photo shows two of my meads and one of my wines. Wildflower mead, from A Simple Mead Recipe, stands in the center with raspberry mead in the 1-gallon jug on the left. Those meads almost glow, while my raspberry wine is more subdued on the right.

I don’t have high end photographic equipment, heck I don’t have very much low end photographic equipment, but I set up this shot against a white background lit from the left side and above. I talk about the setup in a little more detail here. Photography is another hobby, and I’ve been doing a lot of research into digital cameras. Some people have asked me for advice, about buying one, so I’ve collected my thoughts into a digital camera buying guide.

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