Bottle Washing Day

In an episode of MASH, Winchester complains that he’s the only one making an effort to keep the tent, that he shares with Hawkeye and Trapper-or-BJ (it’s been long enough that I get those two confused), tidy. The other two make messes, and he cleans them up. “It may not be a good system,” admits Trapper-or-BJ, “but at least it’s a system.” Marsha and I have grown into a similar system for bottle washing. I immediately rinse empty wine bottles and put them on the counter “until I can wash them.”

Empty bottles take up more and more counter space until Bottle Washing Day

Now, washing bottles isn’t my favorite part of winemaking, so that doesn’t happen right away. The bottles accumulate, Marsha eventually rebels at the loss of counter space (you bachelors out there might not be familiar with that term; I’m still trying to understand it myself), and I clean the bottles. Maybe not a good system …

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1 thought on “Bottle Washing Day

  1. Eric

    I don’t think anyone enjoys the bottle washing bit. I love the Dharma wine bottle. That’s gotta be a collectors item.

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