One Step Closer To Tomato Wine

I’ve been looking at the 10-day forecast for clues on when to transplant my tomatoes. I wrote about the balancing act between trying to get them in the ground as soon as possible, so they can start spreading their roots in the soil right away, and keeping them from cold overnight lows that will hold back their growth. Well this morning’s forecast calls for overnight lows of 50 (10 Celsius) starting on 5/22, dipping to 47 (about 8 Celsius) on the 26th. Historical averages are 49-50 for the rest of the month. I think planting them on the 22nd would be a good balance between getting them in the ground early and keeping them from the cold. I’ll be keeping an eye on the forecast between now and then, but I’ve tentatively marked the 22nd as Transplant Day.

I’m tempted to say something like, “I can almost taste the tomato wine,” but I can’t because I have no idea what it will taste like. I’m still excited though!

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